5 Advantages of the YN-2.0X II Teleconverter for Macro Photography

Costing only half of its competitors price the YN 2.0x II is a must have for macro photography. Did I mention it magnifies macro? One of the most used application for this teleconverter is to turn your 200m into a microscope. In this article I will quickly go over the pros of using the YN 2.0x II in your everday macro photography.

Advantages of using the teleconverter:

  1. Better zoom bringing out more details and textures

  2. Cheaper than getting an expensive macro lens

  3. Auto focus advantage compared to extension tubes or reverse lens mounts
  4. Auto focus is much faster than the YN 2.0x I
  5. Larger depth of field than other alternatives

The Yongnuo YN2.0 will give you even more ways to have fun with your macro photography the extra 2x zoom will make sure all your details are pin sharp. However with the extra elements in the YN2.0 images may come out a less sharp. Also the extra elements in front of your sensor may also add chromatic abrasion. With the extra 2x you will also need more light on your subjects as any teleconverter on the market will limit the amount of light going into your sensor.

Overall using the teleconverter has its perks but it is only up to the photographer to out weigh its costs. Personally, having tested the extension tube and reverse lens mount, using the teleconverter on my 100mm f/2.8 was the best thing I could find on the market. All my shots come out just as I wanted,  and since I’m already shooting in a studio environment the lighting is more than enough.

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