An Eye For Patterns

As mentioned before our brains have an eye for patterns. We are constantly noticing patterns in natural and in man made things. We have a natural tendency for being attracted to these patterns. Now, when we think about patterns we think repeating lines, shapes and colors. These are some very common patterns however to fully utilize our tendency seeings these things.

Patterns man made carpets

Patterns man made windows

Patterns man made

These are some “plain” patterns, for us photographers to fully utilize this rule we have to have things stick out. For instance if we have 6 red chairs at least one of the m should be blue to make the photo different.

Though this rule may appear simple it is often over look. Sometimes we like photos with out knowing the reason why. Most of them is because of patterns one way or another. Here is one of the easiest ways to find out if you like “patterns” pick out 10 photos either from 500px or Flickr and take notes on why you like the photo. For most photogs they will enjoy the presence of lines or nice colors.

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