Is It Worth It To Upgrade to A7sII from A7s?

Sony just had their press release with revealing the FS5 and the A7sII, among other goodies. Lets take a quick look at the current key and important specs that they have upgraded for this years a7s:

Key specs:

  1. 12MP Exmor CMOS sensor
  2. Internal 4K recording with higher dynamic range
  3. 5 axis stabilization
  4. Much improved AF in low light conditions (169 AF points)
  5. The A7SII will be available in November 2015, at $5100 CAD.


Sitting at a higher price and not to mention with similar specs (other than low  megapixels count) this camera comes very close to the a7rII but a lot more video focused. The a7rII doesn’t come close in terms of low light performance. Did I mention the Slog-3? This feature may go under the radar for most consumer-level photographers but knowing how to grade and the ability to have such high dynamic range may make this camera the new A7s for this year.

You probably know all these specs already, the real question you’re here for is whether its worth your dime to upgrade to the a7sII from your beloved a7s.

In short, no.

No, that is if you already if you have invested into your a7s already, and by that I mean you already purchased your external recorders. Most of the features may not even be applicable to you. Lets dissect this a little bit:

12MP Exmor CMOS sensor

  1. Its the same great sensor they have on the a7s

Internal 4K recording with higher dynamic range

  1. Though having internal 4k recording maybe convientent, if you have already invested yourself a external recorder this may not even be a feature for you at all.
  2. From the examples displayed comparing the Slog2 to the Slog3 the Slog3 is only useful in extreme examples this may not even be applicable to you for most of the time

5 axis stabilization

  1. Are you using older lenses or have you invested into the OSS or Zeiss line, chances are you lenses already have OSS so the stabilization with not be that much of an improvement.
  2. How often are you on a tripod? If you find yourself on a tripod or doing nice pans on a fluid head chances are you won’t need this feature.
  3. If you plan on moving around and walking while filming the stabilization will not fix all of the camera shakes it would probably be best if you invested in a gimble if you’re planning on doing of walk abouts.


Much improved AF in low light conditions (169 AF points)

  1. This is a great feature, if you plan on shooting stills
  2. How important is AF when you are on video? Chances are you prefer using manual focus while filming it makes more sense. There isn’t hunting randomly in a mid shoot and chances are you won’t utilize this feature at all if you plan on using this camera solely for filming.
  3. More like 169 focus points that aren’t going be used in video mode.
  4. The example that Sony provides in their video is a great example of an idea situation, what happens when there are things in the foreground? A fence, tall grass AF won’t be great in all situations.

The A7SII will be available in November 2015, at $5100 CAD.

  1. So if you work out the math, assuming you can get an A7s for $2500 CAD you are left with $2600 CAD to get… a good gimble, tripod, slider.
  2. You’ll probably have even more left over so you could probably grab an extra lens with that amount of money!


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