Leading Lines and Repeating Lines

In photography one of my personal favorites for composition is lines, whether it maybe diagonal or repeating it creates sense engagement. Whenever you have lines that either draw away or towards a subject it really makes the subject stick out more. Whenever you have lines pointing towards or away from a subject this type of composition is called “Leading Lines”. The theory behind it is simple, our eyes have the tendency of noticing patterns subconsciously  Our eyes are programmed to follow the lines.

Leading lines is very common when taking pictures outdoors especial tree lines and in buildings. My personal favorite are archways or door ways that converge to one point. It creates a sense of entry, making it feel like you should walk into the picture this really engages with the audience creating a very welcoming feeling to the photo. Now this may not appeal to everyone but it does appeal to me which is why its one of my favorite compositions.

The tree line below creates a sense of distance it welcomes you to the building as if you should trail along the trees.

The picture below makes the building look as if the length of the picture goes on forever creating a path that would take seemingly forever to walk.

The last photo is archways one of my personal favorites, the lines converge to the pathway and the pathway looks as if again it goes on forever.

Repeating lines work a little differently, for example the image below follows repeating lines.

Repeating lines attracts us because of the natural flow of the pattern we see in the photo. Humans love figuring out patterns especially when it is very subtle the repetition in lines is the easiest way to elaborate the pattern. As you can see in the last photo repeating lines and leading lines can be in the same photo.

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