The Canon 50D Now Supports RAW Video Footage, Yours Truely – Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern has done it again! This time on a old 50D, Canon 50D that is, a camera that only costs $500; can now record video at 1280×960 resolution at 49 Mb/s.

What are you waiting for? Its time to fork out that $500 to get yourself the cheapest camera shooting video in RAW. Now before I continue I want to clarify a few things, this is the cheapest camera to shoot raw at 24fps there are cheaper alternatives have we’ve seen. For instance, the J1 by Nikon that shot 4K RAW video footage but it was in images so it would shoot 30FPS but it would not have audio. And as we’ve seen before there are a lot of ways to shoot at RAW but most of them are not stable at all.

This is literally “half” a Canon 1D C. The 1D-C can shoot at 4k that is 4096×2160@24fps keep in mind this camera is about $12,000 no big deal for someone that’s really serious in shooting video. But to a “prosumer” or just someone that wants another camera for funsies this is quite a buy.

This is huge for a number of reasons: For one, the camera is about 5 years old; secondly the camera never supported video in the first place this is a complete hack to a 5 year old camera. A revolutionary breakthrough of camera mods as one might say. The fact that it can record in 1280×960 is huge and gives people who have older cameras hope for new video features on a very old body. For instance (and still hoping) the 1Ds Mark III could possibly be a next project for Magic Lantern. There are a lot of old DSLRS from Canon with decent sensors that would probably shoot video much better than its current “T” line.

Here are Julian’s findings from the EOSHD Forum

“1592 is the max width. Max reliable speed seems to be 50MB/s for me with this card.”

Results (24 fps):

1592×1062 – frame skipping after about 50 frames (67.7MB/s)
1592×840 – frame skipping after about 480 frames (53.5MB/s)
1592×720 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1320×1062 – frame skipping after about 300 frames (56.1MB/s)
1320×960 – frame skipping after about 1200 frames (50.7MB/s)
1320×840 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)

1280×1062 – frame skipping after about 250 frames (54.4 MB/s)
1280×960 – no frame skipping (49.2MB/s)

Knowing this, do you think the price of 50D will increase? Why or why not? I my self think it may jump a bit say $50 to $100. Nothing big but still a little something to consider when buying a second hand camera.

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