The Yongnuo 560

The 560 series is one of the best selling series of Yongnuo. Compared to the other flashes our EX series which tends to be pricier and the older 460 series the Yongnuo 560 is the most well rounded flash of all. Although it shoots manual, people still prefer this flash over any TTL function flash. Especially when they want a flash to play around with.

Most people buy this flash as their entry level flash, due to the perfect price range when compared to other flashes with in its category. At Yongnuo Canada we usually recommend this flash to a few people who are the following:

  1. Looking to start flash photography
  2. Looking to have a budgeted multi-flash setup

I personally prefer this one because how its well built housing, it provides a very sturdy feeling even when compared to Canons older line of flashes.

We currently have 3 versions of the Yongnuo 560 series.

For Yongnuo 560I it features no LCD but it has full manual control over the flash power. The Yongnuo 560II has a LCD screen its quite useful especially when you decide to have more than 1 flash to set up. The Yongnuo 560III is currently our best seller because of its new features. The 560III has a built-in wireless radio meaning it can be triggered with one of our 602 triggers meaning if you have more than one 560III you only need one trigger to trigger them all.

The only downfall which most people oversee is the fact that it is only in manual, meaning that you have to compensate your flash power or your camera’s iso/shutter speed/aperture to get the perfectly exposed photo you want. This can be quite challenging especially if you have more than one source of light. ie. Nightclubs or out doors.


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