Yongnuo 2013 New Flashes and History

Technology advancement in the world of photography has been ushered in by the Yongnuo. They have specialized in the manufacturing, development and retailing of photography equipment. Our business has lasted for a decade now due to the high quality products they offer to Our clients. Our expert management and specialist team have made them have the best reputation in the entire photography market.

Yongnuo offers a variety of flash models. Initially they had the three manual models which included YN460 classic, Y462 which was the simplified type of YN460 and had the power control. The innovation pace seems not to stop as they introduced the YN460-2 which replaced the YN460 and had a faster speed. They again introduced YN560 which had a zoom reflector, power control with eight steps. YN-560-2 followed this with more features such as multimode, battery warning and LCD display.

Yongnuo has again introduced new digital models with TTL versions which they have added additional features day in day out. YN465 for the Nikon i-TTl had no slave sensor which boomed up to August 2010. Yongnuo further manufactured YN467 that has automatic zooming. This version is available for both the Nikon i-TTL and Canon E-TTL versions. YN468 had more features than YN467. It has an LCD screen. This model is available only for the Canon versions. Since November 3, 2011, Yongnuo launched the new YN-468-2 which is an improved model of YN468 for the Canon versions.

Yongnuo has also launched the EX565 flash with an affordable price. EX600 is the latest and is radio controlled. This fits the new generation. It is a hybrid of the manual flash found in the hot shoe and the digital TTL flash when operated in the wireless mode. EX600 will be your solution in case you are looking for both wireless and slave system. It supports both the Nikon and Canon wireless systems. The later YN560 has advanced settings where you can choose your setting to fit your preferences.

Yongnuo products can be obtained from eBay with the most affordable prices and warranties. You can also decide to go and buy directly from Yongnuo manufacturers as this would help you get the latest and fresh products. Here they will provide you with a one year warranty. One can also get Yongnuo products from Amazon. You can always compare Our prices to make a choice. Do not be left behind by technology as Yongnuo ensures that you are always equipped with new innovations.

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