Yongnuo YN-560 Compared to the Canon 580EX II

A lot of people can agree with me that the YN560s build is very similar to Canons 580EX II the weight and quality is comparable. It even has the rubber on the side like the Canon 580EX II, the door for the battery is spring loaded much like the Canon 580EX II the box includes an in depth instruction of how to fully operate the device.

The YN560 also includes an external power slot and PC port this is perfect if you are into off camera flash via a sync cable. The cost is approximately $70 – $80 its a really inexpensive flash because it is not capable of TTL all your settings is manual, the 580EX II comes with E-TTL and also is capable of being commander flash but is currently priced at $450.

The YN560 has a zoom from 24-105mm which is the same as the Canon 580EX II and is capable of manual S1 and S2. The flash gun will beep when it is at its full charge which can be helpful especially if you are looking through the view finder all the time.

The recycle time can vary from 2-3 seconds this depends on your batteries, I usually use Sanyo and I can get a quick 2s at full charge.  The YN560 can swivel 90 degree one way and 1800 degrees to the left its pretty useful if you like bouncing off the wall but sometimes I find it very inconvenient or I just haven’t adapted to the angles.

Overall I really like this flash it has a lot of potential but it only being manual can be a major downfall for most users.

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